Game Four

Liverpool 0 West Ham 3

Yes, we were well and truly beaten in this game and had Coutinho sent off. I would say that we were unlucky but that would be a lie We were bad and made some truly awful mistakes in defence that led to all three of the West Ham goals. We have to better than this next time.


Do you like to read books about far-away places? Travel guides, memoirs, whatever? Places you’ve been? Or places you’ve never been?

I like to read about places that I am never likely to visit, such as alien worlds, or places long, long ago.

I also like reading about places that I would like to visit but will probably never get around to going to, due to money etc.

Reading is a good way to travel using your mind though.

Game Three

Arsenal 0 Liverpool 0

This game really was a game of two halves.

In the first half we bossed the game, hit the post twice, should have scored at least twice, but thanks to the post and Cech the score remained zero-zero.

In the second half Arsenal bossed the game and had plenty of opportunities to put the game beyond us, but we prevailed.

Yes, the disallowed goal should have be allowed as there was no offside but as far as the ref and the linesman were concerned it didn’t count and therefore I am not going to count it!

So at the end of the game a draw was probably a fair result as both teams each bossed on half of the game and if it has been one goal either way then both teams would have felt suitably agreivied.

7 points out of 9 isn’t a bad return for us and I am happy with our progress so far!